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TECBLAST (Download)

TECBLAST (Download)


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TECBLAST Ver. 1.2 helps you sell profitable duct testing and repair services by quickly analyzing duct airtightness test results. TECBLAST's user friendly entry screens and choice of professional looking reports makes it simple and fast to document and present test results to your customers. TECBLAST is designed specifically for use with the Minneapolis Duct Blaster system. For those with laptop computers, this useful program can be brought right to the jobsite.

TECBLAST Ver. 1.2 Features

  • Designed specifically for use with Minneapolis Duct Blaster systems.
  • Easy entry of all test settings and building information.
  • Calculation and display of duct airtightness test results including leakage rate in CFM, leakage area in square inches, leakage as a percent of system airflow, and estimated annual system efficiency loss from the measured duct leakage rate.
  • Choice of report formats including a simple easy-to-read homeowner report, or a detailed technical report.
  • TECBLAST lets you print your company logo directly on the reports. Uses either BMP or EMF files.
  • Program Help screens make TECBLAST extremely user friendly.
  • Compatible with all Windows computers.




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